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Singer 2000 Athena Threading Diagram Free Threading Diagrams From Complete manual is available Sewusa wishes you lots of.

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Bobbin Case Singer Athena – Futura #383386-S (181553) (382986) Fits Singer models: 900, 920, 925, 1030, 1036, 1200, 2000, 2001, 2005, 6000

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Singer sewing machine and large oak cabinet. Athena 2000 Solid State electronic with free arm. Cabinet solid wood with storage. Manual, tools, attachments & instruction booklet. Great condition.

DOWNLOAD / PDF USER INSTRUCTION Authorized reproduction of the users / instruction manual for a Singer model 2000 Athena, a round bobbin, free arm, open arm, automatic zig zag sewing machine with many of its basic attachments. It has basic information and stitch diagrams for its built in zig zag decorative and stretch stitches.

I have a Singer Sewing Machine Athena 2000. The bobbin mechanism has stopped working, won’t even rewind a – Answered by a verified Small Appliance Technician

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Singer Athena 2000 is an age old workhorse. It has been over 40 years ever since it was launched. It has very good fan following even now.

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SINGER 2000 ATHENA Sewing Machine Parts – 382129-2 End Cover – $11.63. Singer 2000 Athena Sewing Machine Parts – 382129-2 End Cover Track Page Views With Auctiva’s FREE Counter 351190839074

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Singer introduces the world’s first electronic sewing machine, the Athena 2000. In 1978 Singer introduces the world’s first computer-controlled machine. Singer introduced the Touchtronic 2001, the world’s first computer controlled machine.

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Sebastian — inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2000 as a member of The Lovin’ Spoonful — was a founder, lead singe.

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