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"Uptown Funk. from cooking up an arrangement. 11. "Call Me Maybe," Carly Rae Jepsen One of the best pop songs of the last.

That’s the catch though. That harmony is Mark Ronson’s "Uptown Funk," and the dance scenes from 100 movies have been carved up and mashed together to work incredibly well with that earworm. I must w.

she wants him to pay up. Check it out. Angie claims Bruno admitted "Uptown Funk" was inspired by "Funk You Up," and insists she ain’t trying to bash Bruno, but wants him to show some respect. Trans.

You can totally hear him saying in his head, “Don’t believe me? Just watch.” Read next: Listen to a Cover of ‘Uptown Funk’ Done Entirely in Family Guy Voices The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive th.

"Uptown Funk" funked them up. Again. Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson are in the hot seat once again over their. the song is very similar to their hit from the 1970s. Called "Funk You Up," the trio’s tra.

Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson are under fire for their Grammy winning single, "Uptown Funk" by a rap group who claims the song is just way too similar to their 70s hit. A female rap trio named The Sequen.

Is Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s catchy jam "Uptown Funk. you busting out these grooves. You’re not even supposed to walk backwards on a treadmill. So, we would suggest, if you’re going to attempt t.

Yet another group of artists claim Bruno Mars and Mark. credits for the "Uptown Funk." Another group from that era named The Sequence, meanwhile, claims the developers behind "Uptown Funk" used por.

has also claimed that "Uptown Funk" uses elements of their 1979 song "Funk You Up," though they do not appear to have ever filed a lawsuit. Reps for Ronson did not immediately respond to a request for.

There may have been a lot of debate over Blurred Lines, but Oops Upside Your Head does sound a lot like the song’s Up-town-funk-you-up breakdown. Listen to both (below) and decide! The Uptown section.

Bruno Mars has been accused by a 1980s female rap group of swiping their song for his mega hit “Uptown Funk.” The Sequence, one of the first female rap groups, is claiming that Mars used their 1979 hi.

Bruno Mars is facing litigation over his smash hit, "Uptown Funk." The lawsuit has been issued against the crooner by 1970s rap trio The Sequence, reports TMZ. They claim Mars and producer Mark Ronson.

“I get knocked down, and I get up again.” After laughs from a moderator and the audience, Dempsey quipped, “I’m trying to connect to the kids!” “You don’t want me to break into ‘Uptown Funk you up,’ d.

Warming up Red River Dance & Performing Company. As the group prepares to hit the dance floor for another runthrough of "U.

Bruno Mars will light up the Grand Prix. Las Vegas residency. If you’re ready to channel your inner pre-teen with "Oops, I.

"Uptown Funk. If you’re into that sort of thing. Remember this song? Yeah, the K-Pop jam was all the rage for about two se.

Bruno Mars. “Uptown Funk” and their 1979 hit “Oops Up Side Your Head.” Earlier this year, another group claimed that “Uptown Funk” infringed on their song. The Sequence argued that Mars and Ronson.

For instance: Isn’t the chant “Up-town/ Funk you up/ Uptown funk you up” a steal from the Gap Band? Yes, cross-pollinated with some early Sugar Hill Records. That stomping party-train beat—doesn’t it.

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Still, those two elements are precisely why Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s "Uptown Funk!" is currently sitting pretty at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, according to the experts. "It’s a slightly slower te.